Jul 21
Jul 21


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Jul 21

i did this last time and it got 6 notes come on guys →


ay looking for some blogs to follow

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Youtube Stuff:

  • Dan Howell
  • Phil Lester
  • Phan
  • Troye Sivan
  • Tyler Oakley
  • Troyler
  • Chris Kendall
  • PJ Liguori
  • Fantastic Foursome
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher
  • Zoe Sugg
  • Alfie Deyes
  • Zalfie
  • Jack and Finn…
Jul 21

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs without vowels →


'm gnn mk t bnd nd brk
(t snt y t m wtht wngs)
Sy pryr bt lt th gd tms rll

n cs Gd dsn’t shw
(Lt th gd tms rll, lt th gd tms rll)
nd wnt ths wrds t mk thngs rght
Bt t’s th wrngs tht mk th wrds cm t lf
"Wh ds h thnk h s?"
f tht’s th wrst y gt
Bttr pt yr fngrs bck t th kys

n nght nd n…

Jul 21
Jul 21


When people you hate talk about your favourite band

Jul 21
Jul 21
Dan and Phil LICK RACE (x)
Jul 19
Jul 19





I’ve been working on this for the past few days and I’m finally finished. This has every (although I’m sure I’m missing a few) Animated Disney + Pixar female on it!

These are the movies I picked the characters from, so if you don’t see someone on there it may be because I didn’t include that movie.

Nevertheless, I hope you like it and I hope you can spot your favorite female characters!


This is just female? Wow, you’re incredible.